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How to choose the right telemedicine cart and telehealth equipment for your facility

Choosing the right telemedicine cart and telehealth equipment can be challenging to many. Budget concerns, complexity, and treatment power must fit YOUR needs. Certain telehealth vendors require you to use their carts and equipment while iDocsWeb allows users to choose their own equipment as well as repurpose the equipment they already own. In this article, we examine telemedicine carts (telecarts) and telehealth equipment such as the camera and digital medical input devices. 

"I remember seeing one quote that was in excess of $15,000. I asked myself, who has that kind of budget for a skilled nursing facility? I knew there had to be a better option."
iDocsWeb Telemedicine for LTC
Jami May
Director of Nursing, Ridgecrest Health and Rehab

Keep in mind that as costs rise, generally, so does complexity. While many flashy carts look good on paper, their real world application does not lend well to Long Term Care / Skilled Nursing. It is important to recognize the value of low-complexity operation. Often times, the lowest cost solution is also the easiest to operate. We recommend starting your telemedicine / telehealth program with the following options:

Telemedicine Carts:

Telemedicine Cart - Laptop Powered

Laptop Based (Workstation on Wheels)

The most affordable way to get started with telemedicine and perfect for SNF / LTC Needs!

Average User Rating:


  • Mobile/Available at Bedside
  • Low Cost
  • SNF Friendly
  • Battery Powered
  • Repurpose Existing WOW or Charting Cart
Lowest Cost ($1000-$1500)
User Friendly Design
User / Patient Experience
Dependent on Laptop Screen Size
Low Cost Telemedicine Cart

Premium Self-Powered Telecart

An affordable option with a rich user experience. Extremely powerful while remaining easy to use.

Average User Rating:


  • Mobile/Available at Bedside
  • 10 Hour Battery Life
  • SNF Friendly
  • Hydrolic Assist
  • Large WideScreen Display and Premium Sound
Moderate Cost ($5000-$6000)
User Friendly Design
User / Patient Experience
24in Display | Premium Sound

Telehealth Device Options:

Affordable, Powerful, Low Complexity Devices

With so many telehealth digital medical input devices coming to the market, choosing the right ones can seem overwhelming. We tested countless devices before choosing the perfect combination of ease-of-use and assessment power. For a current list of available input devices, contact us.


Remember, these are OPTIONAL devices. Many users choose to add these devices after a successful program launch.

Digital Telemedicine Camera

  • Removable for Close-Ups
  • 1080P High Definition
  • Enhanced Sound


That's right, only $100...

Telemedicine Equipment

Ready to Learn More or Get Started With a Free Trial?

Visit our Getting Started article or request our free Telemedicine in LTC book including everything you need to know as well as case studies from actual users and telemedicine programs in Skilled Nursing / Long Term Care facilities. 


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iDocsWeb is a telemedicine company founded and currently operated by practicing physicians. Unlike other "off the shelf" platforms, iDocsWeb was built specifically to address the needs of Long Term Care / Skilled Nursing Facilities.

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