What’s Needed- Telemedicine Carts and Equipment

Telemedicine Cart

What’s needed to start iDocsWeb telemedicine in your facility-

A lot less than you might think! We offer telemedicine carts and equipment options for ANY budget…

Telemedicine Carts and equipment for LTC

Telemedicine Carts
We offer industry leading telemedicine carts and equipment at prices far below the industry standard! Our carts were designed to be extremely easy to use while still offering maximum treatment potential. Our cloud-based web platform ensures maximum compatibility! Those on a budget can even repurpose existing charting carts/WOW’s!

Affordable telemedicine equipment

The Removable Camera
Forget complicated (and extremely expensive) PTZ cameras- Our camera is easy to use and affordable! Priced at $100, our removable camera offers high-definition video, still shots, and ultimate mobility.

Telemedicine equipment- digital input devices

Digital Medical Devices (Optional)
We offer tried and tested digital medical input devices to further expand your treatment abilities. Our devices offer a perfect mix of affordability, ease of use, and valuable input to the treating provider. Low complexity, low cost, and extremely powerful- we have you covered.

That’s all!

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