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iDocsWeb Telemedicine Wound Care

Wound Care with iDocsWeb

Words From a Wound Care Specialist & iDocsWeb User:

IDocsWeb Telemedicine has been a wonderful addition to our company’s Skin and Wound Care Program. When the staff at our facilities reach out to me, I’m able to view the wound or skin condition in great detail over my phone or PC screen. This has allowed us to be proactive about issues, make appropriate referrals, and implement strategies that improve resident care.

Cari Normand PT, MSPT, CWS

Nexion Area Wound Care Specialist
Wound Care with iDocsWeb

Implement Effective Treatment Strategies

Implement effective treatment strategies with ease using iDocsWeb. This ensures wounds heal properly and residents are as comfortable as possible. 

Take Close-Ups & Snapshots 

Our removable high-definition camera allows nurses to view close-ups of the wound site in great detail. Specialists are able to take snapshots and store images in the patient’s record. This helps track the progression or regression of wounds. 

Become Proactive

Proactive wound care is possible with telemedicine. Geographic limitations, transportation headaches, as well as long wait times between appointments are eliminated through the use of iDocsWeb. This makes proactive wound care possible, eliminating problems before they start.

Improve your wound care program today. We’re ready to assist you:


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