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Designed by Doctors, Specifically for LTC Use

The iDocsWeb telemedicine platform was developed to be easy to use, offer timely access, and offer ultimate mobility. Providers are able to treat patients with no special equipment required. Our cloud based web application allows secure access using virtually ANY web-capable device, including smart phones/tablets and laptop/desktop computers. We currently offer free applications for both iOS (Apple) and Android.

“The iDocs Web application allows nurses to have easy, around the clock access to physicians for their patient’s daily needs that may arise outside of normal in-house physician hours. The application is extremely user friendly, easy-to-use and allows for both parties to have great communication in a timely manner.

As a physician working with this application, I have had several good catches recently via the application. One of the instances I can recall is when a patient was having significant respiratory distress. From a remote setting, I was able to order basic labs, CXR, BNP and infectious work up. Within several hours, I diagnosed acute on chronic congestive heart failure, and started prompted treatment, which led to resolution of symptoms within 3 days and an avoidance of hospitalization.”

Dr. Tariq Yousuf, Cardiologist

Powerful, Effective, Mobile
Providers are able treat patients from anywhere. Our mobile application allows providers to:

  • Access Patients via HD Video Conference
  • Respond via HIPAA Compliant Text
  • Transfer to NP/PA
  • Invite a Specialist
  • Write SOAP Note
  • View Lab Attachments
  • Request a Call Back
  • Listen to Heart & Lung Sounds

iDocsWeb Telemedicine for Skilled Nursing Facilities

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iDocsWeb is a telemedicine company founded and currently operated by practicing physicians. Unlike other "off the shelf" platforms, iDocsWeb was built specifically to address the needs of Long Term Care / Skilled Nursing Facilities.

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