Telemedicine Analytics

Data Analytics- Get More Out of Your Telemedicine Solution

iDocsWeb offers industry leading data analytics. Through our easy to navigate Reports Viewer, operators are able to track how, when, and why telemedicine is being utilized. Our reporting is also able to capture and record the outcome of each telemedicine encounter. Customizable daily reports are automatically sent to assigned users. iDocsWeb also allows users to assign text alerts to be automatically sent when telemedicine is used.

Telemedicine Analytics

Need help analyzing your data? Complimentary quarterly reviews ensure your data collection is put to good use. Our telemedicine experts will examine reports and offer suggestions for improving the quality of care using telemedicine. 

Telemedicine Reports

Customized Reports & Alerts
Customize reports and set alerts to be sent via text message/email to let you know exactly when telemedicine is being used. 

Telemedicine for Long Term Care

Examine Outcomes
Examine Patient Outcomes
iDocsWeb allows users to collect the outcome of each telemedicine session. Operators can easily examine how/why iDocsWeb is utilize

Quarterly Reviews
Our experts will examine your analytic data and offer suggestions on improving access to care.


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