Breaking Through The Barriers to Telemedicine

Telemedicine for LTC

Break Through Preconceived Barriers

Rethink telemedicine, open your mind to iDocsWeb:

Telemedicine is surrounded with uncertainty. iDocsWeb has identified the leading stereotypical success barriers and eliminated them with our solution. Forget what you think you know about telemedicine in LTC, iDocsWeb is different: 

Perceived Barrier iDocsWeb Solution
Billing Uncertainty Integrated Billing Module + Billing Assistance
Difficult to Use Ease-of-Use Focused Platform
Low Internet Bandwidth Optimized to Work in Low Bandwidth Situations
Provider Resistance Designed for Doctors by Doctors
No EMR Integration Full EMR Integration
High Upfront Cost Affordable Start-Up Options for ANY Budget
Equipment Needs Designed to Work With Existing Equipment
Budget Concerns Plans are Available to Fit Virtually ANY Budget
Continuity of Care Our Solution Fully Incorporates YOUR Doctors

Rethink Access to Care:

iDocsWeb Telemedicine for Long Term Care

•  Attending PCP’s

•  NP/PA’s

•  DON/Administrators

•  Specialists

•  On-Call MD’s

•  Family Members

iDocsWeb Telemedicine for LTC Use

Rethink Treatment Potential

iDocsWeb Telemedicine allows facilities to maximize their in-house care potential. Doctors are able to see residents more often allowing preventive care. Discover what’s possible with the only platform designed specifically for LTC use.

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